What is Web3World?

Try to press the start button, if everything is done, then immediately go back (venom.network/task). If this is not done, the check button will not be displayed.

Hey, try clearing your cache and close the app to start all over again.

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What determines the fluctuations in the cost of the W3W token … from $ 1.037 to 1.051? From token movement in pools or from binding to stablecoins (AMM)? Are there any limiting minimums and maximums of the price of the W3W token now or in the future - when the test network becomes a full-fledged network, or will this price of $ 1.03-1.05 (conditionally) always be constant? All in all… the guide is pretty self-explanatory. But, personally, I don’t quite understand the price fluctuation of W3W and what causes it - can W3W fall below $1 or rise above $2-3?

In the mobile version of the pages (above) - only the VENOM price is displayed and the W3W price is not displayed on the farm and pool pages. Not critical… but it would be convenient - after all, in the desktop version, the price of W3W is displayed on top.

You can always check the price by trying to make a swap. Every other thing will be well rectified.

About W3W token on Web3World - there are questions. Please explain popularly about this token:

1. Is the W3W token a test token or will it remain so after the launch of the mainnet network?

2. What will be the minimum price of the W3W token when it ceases to be a test token?

3. How many W3W tokens will be in circulation - will there be additional token emissions?

4. Will the W3W token be subsequently listed on other CEX (similar to UNI)?

5. What determines the correlation of the W3W token in the test network (in a month its value increased from 1.037 to 1.060) and what correlation formula will the token have in the mainnet network?

Below the link Docs on Gitbook - the material is good, but in some places it is outdated or some items in it are non-working. And I did not find answers to my questions about the W3W token there.