Venon Mainnet launch on March 18 , 2024

:fire::fire:Venom Mainnet Coming Next Month on March 18 , 2024

Finally good news from venom after a long time👍

Be safe guys… don’t share your wallet key to anyone


It’s a good news. Everyone has been waiting for a long time.


Venom Mainnet Launch Announcement

We’re thrilled to announce a significant milestone in the evolution of Venom: the launch of mainnet on March 18, 2024. This marks the beginning of a new era for our platform and community, bringing exciting opportunities for growth and innovation.

A New Chapter Begins

Venom has recently undergone a transformative phase, establishing a new foundation in the Cayman Islands. This move represents a leap forward in our journey, positioning us as a leading force in the digital asset industry. By embracing the progressive regulatory framework of the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands (BVI), we’re committed to delivering secure, reliable, and cutting-edge cryptocurrency services to our users.

What to Expect

With the mainnet launch, users can expect:

  • Enhanced security features for the safety of digital assets and transactions.
  • Improved platform performance and user experience, making cryptocurrency trading and investment more accessible and efficient.
  • Expanded service offerings, leveraging the regulatory advantages of our new jurisdiction to bring you a broader range of digital asset opportunities.

Looking Ahead

This move will allow us to accelerate our go-to-market strategy, broaden our product suite, and foster innovation in the digital asset industry. We’re excited about the possibilities ahead and look forward to shaping the future of Venom together with our community.

Get Involved

We invite you to stay tuned for further updates and developments. Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us as we continue to evolve and improve. Together, let’s redefine the possibilities of digital asset services and set new standards in the cryptocurrency space.

Stay Connected

For continuous updates and more information, please visit our website and follow us on our social media channels.


$Venom coming to rule crypto market


It’s unlikely :slightly_smiling_face: But… entering the TOP 50-70 will be a success in the next six months. Let’s be realistic.

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Honestly… there are a lot of things that are alarming about this March 18th mainnet launch. Not to mention any price forecasts. I would feel safer if:

  1. Blockchain management now has Twitter verification checkboxes again

  2. The official Telegram channel worked normally and representatives of blockchain projects were present at the forum (this is not the case now, everyone has disappeared)

  3. Venom Foundation main site still with old texts (ADGM)

  4. Peter Knez (CIO Venom) has completely disappeared from the information space.

  5. Communication with the community occurs exclusively through hints once a month on the CEO’s Twitter (and nothing else)

  6. There is no clear information on the distribution of tokens to the community and the further steps of the blockchain after the minet

  7. The specialized press does not write about the Venom blockchain at all - literally at all.

And all this 2 weeks before the launch of the mainnet!? Not a single mainnet (to my memory) has ever been launched under such conditions. Personally, all of the above really stresses me out and makes me doubt success. If all of the above were corrected - then YES, but for now there are more doubts than hopes.

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This is the right time bro … totally bull market already start

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Hello friends, I’m here to start again after a long time. I haven’t been on the forum for months. Today is my first login after a long time, and I came across this post. I think this post is the only thing that has made me happy in the past year :slight_smile:


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