VenomBurn - questions and answers

It’s about time it’s time for the moderators to create a topic What is VenomBurn? in the Ecosystem section. And ideally, before that moment, an article about VenomBurn would appear on the Medium Venom Network or on the Medium Venom Foundation.

After all, the question of whether the VENOM token will be a deflationary asset in its development or whether emission will be added periodically to 7.2 billion tokens is a very important point. Even super important.

This answers the question about the prospects for the VENOM token in the future. This may attract the attention of many users for a longer period … or, on the contrary, alienate them from the blockchain.

I would like to read a full article on VenomBurn and find answers to questions:

Does the blockchain have a mission to make the VENOM token deflationary through burning?

VenomBurn - will it be a blockchain protocol or a third party application?

How exactly will the VENOM token be burned - voluntarily or involuntarily in transaction fees?

If the VENOM token is burned automatically in commissions, how exactly and what percentage?

We all have before our eyes today examples of burning ETH, LUNC, SHIB… and others. I would like the Venom blockchain to take over the best from the experience of these projects. And, of course, I would like the VENOM token to become deflationary over time - it seems to me that most users of the Venom blockchain would like the same. But, at the moment, the position of those behind the Venom blockchain regarding the burning of the token and deflation … is not displayed anywhere and is incomprehensible. Today, this is one of the most important moments for attracting attention to the blockchain and keeping attention.

In short - it is necessary to force the moment with VenomBurn and explain to users how everything will be arranged with burning. We are waiting for an interesting full article on the VenomBurn topic and further discussion on the forum :face_with_monocle:


wow you are way too advance

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Yes it’s coming soon.


Do not forget that there is a post on the media (medium) about the discovery of NUMI, but they are not on the site or on the forum, like Snipa (only on the site). Although everyone understands the concept of Snipa, there will not be many questions. NUMI, I understand that this is a metaverse, nfts and help in raising money, but nothing else is known (I personally have questions)

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It is clear that we will test the Burn function later. I would like to understand and find out something else - whether the VENOM token will be deflationary and burnt in commissions, or whether it will be a voluntary burn. In my opinion, this is a very important point for users and it is strange for me that this is not mentioned anywhere. I would like to see a detailed article from the developers on the VenomBurn topic in order to understand the direction of the price formation and the number of VENOM tokens in the future. Personally, I see the VENOM token as deflationary with burning fees and no additional emissions. And how it will actually be … is not yet clear. For those who are going to work with the blockchain for a long time, this is important.

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