Venom transaction bridge stuck

Alright, bear with me its a bit complex.
I first bridged my metamask wallet and venom wallet using polygon matic to get venom tokens on the venom bridge official. I got the matic tokens in venom wallet then swapped for venom all went good.

When i wanted to cash out, i bridged back out using the same method ( i bridged out venom and not usdt…). I recieved wrapped venom in metamask, but the value was not available. I tried dex to zwap but nothing because they were worth 0 dollars in their eyes.

So next, i tried to bridge back in, the wrapped polygon venom token to the venom wallet.
Now it disapeared from my metamask wallet and is not showing in the venom wallet.

Here is the id for the latest transaction when i wanted to send them back to the venom wallet.

You can see the 1438 wvenom being sent, but it was deposited in this “null” adress.

Did I lose them ? Or can they recup them and transfer them back to my venom wallet ?
I bought them for around 1k when i first bought them. Im lost now but i just wish to recup my inital and get out.

So basically i bridged back the wvenom on poly blokchain since they were poly wrapped, but i didnt get anything in the venom wallet.
I made a ticket already but i would like to know if someone can give me a straight answer or maybe a tip or i dont know…

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