Venom Should have 2FA Verification

Dear Venom team, I would like to suggest that Venom should have 2FA verification to access the wallet and to withdraw assets from it. As we can see most of the wallet does not have 2FA feature & most of the hacks happens on these wallets. Kindly Implement this 2FA feature in Venom Wallet.

My Venom Address - 0:b2597d7add6f75743be046fdb04cdc86a7e547acd26ec1afb23af44d1f9dceb5

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We really appreciate your suggestion. Please feel free to join our official Venom Foundation Discord community to stay updated. Here is the link Venom Foundation.

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Please tell me how can I enter the faucet.venom ?

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Please wait mate maybe this week Venom tastnet will arrive…
Stay tuned…
Follow venom on tweeter and join venom discord please

This feature is currently unavailable to the public, that is why a password and username are required, please stay tuned for the announcement.