Venom foundation Discord link invalid or expired

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I have been interacting in the venom foundation discord server but after awhile there was no venom server in my discord and when I try to join again it keeps saying the invite link is invalid or has been expired, and now I have activated two-factor authentication that I haven’t before. as well I have completed every tasks including the numi. But still I can’t join the venom foundation but can join web3world and venom bridge.!

What should I do…I satisfied every requirements


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Please consider the following

  1. Ensure that each account is associated with a unique IP address to avoid conflicts.

  2. Make sure you are not utilizing a VPN, as it may interfere with the joining process.

  3. Avoid attempting to join the server with multiple accounts simultaneously.

  4. Accounts must have a minimum age of 14 days in order to gain access to the server.

  5. It is necessary for the Discord account to have a PFP for identification purposes.


No I am not utilizing vpn and only have one account quite older than 3 month with PFP and 2FA activated but still keeps saying the invite link is not valid or expired. Please can you check this up for me or send me new active link to join

Discord Username: Amanu#4379

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clame66#2657 I can’t enter!!

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