Venom block chain launch

The following points in general are my query

  1. Will there be any presale/ICO & if yes which platform.
  2. If no presale, then will the token be launched in Venom DEX in an open marketplace. what shall be price of each token.
  3. What is the toknonomices of the project & taxes.
  4. Lastly, how can we purchase the tokens. Do we need to bridge USDT to Venom stables.


  1. About presale:
    Venom Foundation is fully regulated in ADGM as a non-profit foundation. Our main priority is to provide a reliable blockchain infrastructure and support the development of a self-sufficient blockchain ecosystem by businesses and governments in the MENA region. Gaining profits from pre-sale rounds and any other kind of trading activity is not and never going to be an activity that Venom Foundation performs.

We explicitly state that due to the ADGM regulation Venom Foundation is not allowed and by any means not going to do any kind of a token pre-sale (private or public) or any other form of equity allocation.

You can read a detailed explanation here

As for all the other questions: we’ll tell you all about it a little later. Stay tuned to our official social networks for updates

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Telegram Telegram: Contact @VenomFoundationOfficial
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You can also learn more about the venom ecosystem here