Unable to mint my last nft

I did all my task but unfortunatly my twitter account suspended and i am unable to mint the last nft kindly help me in this regard

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Don’t worry. The snapshot has already been taken. So, you haven’t lost anything. Just don’t lose access to your Venom wallet.

I also encountered the same problem. Please help, so much effort in vain.

The Twitter X bot has blocked many accounts on Twitter. We tried to appeal, but without success. So, now the last task on the Venom network that I can’t complete.

How will Venom change its policy, as Twitter X blindly blocks us without knowing our guilt.

Here’s my wallet: 0:8cbe60fb6584612dcb696df34dae38d5fff556013a3648b81030036d14241b7b. Guys, please advise on what to do. I’m very interested in your ecosystem; it has a future. It’s convenient, simple, understandable, multifunctional, and at the very end, Twitter spoiled everything. I won’t survive this.

I have all the NFTs. Now they want 3 more tasks with twitter, but my twitter account isn’t connected to my wallet
How do I connect my twitter account to my wallet?
I need a link to get the Venom app connected to twitter!

I don’t need the last NFTs?

В последней НФТ я ошибся с адрессом пополнения и UID, я надеюсь дроп не будут раздавать на эти адреса(которые мы указывали в последней нфт)? Также хочу узнать возможно изменить эти данные, которые указал неверно?!

Sir, we also deserve reward for forum community…you kindly tell team

a lot of people have same problem but still no answer no solution