Unable to accept Invite on Discord (Venom Foundation)

I am writing to make you aware of my experience since the testnet was launched. I have tried my best; however, I could not join the Discord server connected to your official venom page. I still face this problem despite many efforts including reinstalling the app, using invitation link via web and deleting cache history.

Initially, I thought it could be a small bug that would eventually get fixed. However, I realize that my colleagues or peers were able to join the Discord server without struggle. The attached screenshot illustrates an error message when I try joining.

Being an active community member, it is important for me to be on the Discord Server in order to remain updated about developments, participate in discussions and make contributions effectively within the ecosystem. Consequently, may you assist me by making sure that this problem is solved as soon as possible?

Your quick attention will be highly appreciated. In case you need any more clarification details that can help solve the matter quickly just let me know!

Username: wolverine.wolve0310