Twitter uid pop up

Had to install venom wallet on new laptop (old one died) has my 10 tasks listed as finished,but can’t do new task as keep getting pop up that twitter uid belongs to another wallet


Twitter Authorisation Bug

If you’re experiencing an error “UID is used”, there are a few troubleshooting options:
Logout from (top right)
Try to re-login

If you’re still experiencing Twitter Authorisation issue:
Go to Twitter
Click “More” then to “Settings”
Click “Security and account access” then “Connected apps”
Click “Connected apps”
Select “Venom Foundation”
Click “Revoke app permission”


I tried these steps in my twitter accounts. But issue still persists when i try to complete tasks. It claims my wallet is associated with a different twitter account. Please help.


tried everything you said and still facing the same issue please help me

I haven’t been able to solve this problem for two months now and no one can help!