This wallet address is linked to another twitter uid

Hello, I have a problem with TestetNet Venom. Im already do 20 tasks, but now i cant finish 21. I got error when trying check twitter follow “This wallet address is linked to another twitter uid” I know that not true, becouse i have only one tiwitter and venom wallet:
Wallet: 0:13835e566d6e091bb920b361480566c983a286609699ad1c1339e0767e8ee067
Twitter: YuniorContrer
Iam trying to revoke app in twitter settings, also im trying reconnect wallet, that not helped. I see many topic with the same issue, so MAYBE Support will FIXED this BUG? ps twitter not banned, works fine.

So i will wait answer from support. ITs problem from Venom side becouse i am not solo with that problem. You should check whats wrong with ur service…

With best regrads Larey


Waiting for a decision

Same issue but I don’t think so they consider itm

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