Thank you Venom Team

(Tried to post this on VF Discord but was blocked by moderators)
First, I wanted to thank the Venom Team for the Early Participant Mainnet NFT, its been an honor and privilege to work with you on the testnet.
Second, I noticed there are a number of people in this space that need to learn to manage their expectations, and/or probably need to re-evaluate why they’re even here.
Myself, personally, I do testnets because I truly believe in Blockchain technology and would like to in my lifetime (I’m 54) see it adopted in the mainstream as much as possible because it is absolutely going to change the world for the better.
It also serves as a great opportunity to get a “free” crypto education and I sure am having a lot of fun doing it too. Airdrops are nice but not expected. Thanks again, venom team, you are doing a remarkable job with this highly important work.

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All of the above is 100% true.

Totally agree with that. A lot of people only see the airdrop behind it without really caring about the substance of the project and the power of the technology behind it.