Сonfidentiality Snipe Finance

In Snipe Finance - by wallet number - anyone can view what finances and how are distributed on the account of this wallet. It is enough to take any wallet number in the same VenomScan - insert the wallet number in the browser line after profile/0: … and it shows absolutely all the information - how many and what tokens are in this wallet, in which pools the tokens are placed and how many tokens, information on staking … in general - shows everything that is presented on the Portfolio tab - not just to the owner of the wallet - but to any user.

Only to me it seems abnormal and a violation of privacy = security for the owner of the wallet, whose detailed information can any user get?

In my opinion, the information presented in the Portfolio on Snipe Finance can be viewed only by the owner of the wallet, having previously logged into the wallet and on the Snipe Finance page. No one else should have access to financial information, except for the owner of the wallet.

Or am I misunderstanding something?

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts. To inform the team, this will be forwarded to them. We appreciate your feedback and are grateful for your insights.

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We have taken note of this and sincerely value your comments. It is only right to have a thorough understanding of blockchain and decentralized network theory.

Any blockchain information (for well-known and open users) is accessible to anyone. Consider the deBank app, where you can insert any wallet and view its wallet portfolio. However, it is anonymous (as in our network and Snipa too) - you cannot combine wallet with real user IDs or real Name (unless it is users mistake).

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I partly understand this policy. But… the anonymity of the wallet number is a rather conditional thing - especially since everyone on Discord publishes their wallet number and a screenshot of completed tasks. And in general - the anonymity of the wallet number is a conditional thing in our time. In the crypto community, many people know and track the wallets of famous people. The issue of transparency and privacy… it’s quite subtle. If the blockchain and its DEX are positioning themselves as an alternative to CEX, then privacy must be complete and not just a fashion trend.

Of course, I can be wrong. This is my personal opinion. But… if Venom and Snipa Finance created a poll on the same Twitter or here on the forum, yes anywhere - with only two possible answers to the question:

How do you feel about the fact that anyone using your wallet number can look at Snipa Finance how many tokens you have in your wallet and get detailed information - on which projects and how many of these tokens are placed?

I don’t mind
I’m against

… in my opinion, more than 90% of respondents would answer “I am against”