Not eligible for airdrop?

Hello , i feel as scammed by a project that i loved ! I completed 19 task , and reported the other 3 error that was showing on the other 3 project that blocked me from completing their task , but no support helped me to solve my problem , my tickets was ignored , and now venom saying im not eligible ? After one year of transactions and testing as a community member , sadly i feel disappointed hope some one will check my posts asking help trying to complete those tasks and check my wallet adress for proof 0:3e48d0b2b5311edfcdb63c0e45947955e33486bb6a6b6fc147cd49cd76cd30970:3e48d0b2b5311edfcdb63c0e45947955e33486bb6a6b6fc147cd49cd76cd3097

No one is answering 1 hour a day work was lost ?