Not been able to join venom discord for the past three weeks

:weary: :face_exhaling: I have been trying to join the venom discord for the past three weeks but I have not been able to please someone should assist me


I heard the age of account must be 14 old

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Hello. Venom Foundation team has implemented enhanced moderation measures in response to an increased occurrence of bot and spam assaults. Should any of the following circumstances apply to you, you might encounter difficulties when attempting to become a part of the community:

  • Failure to have an avatar associated with your account
  • Possession of a duplicate account on any Venom Foundation server
  • Recent creation of your account

Yes I have :white_check_mark: done everything and the account is now three weeks old. Please you can check and see.
Username is mubee#1699

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Здравствуйте. Посмотрите пожалуйста мой iD Discord, не могу подписаться на Venom foundation. Евгений Задорин #5780

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Bro my account is 6 year old with Avatar and 2FA Enabled but still got kicked out even though i did nothing that can break the rules of your server and now I can’t join it.

Please Unblock Me

DISCORD USER ID : 409425289228320769

Someone there can you open my discord ID, I haven’t been able to log in to doscord for 1 year.

My ID discord


My email

[email protected]