Memecoins incubator on the Venom blockchain

wonder if Venom has plans to create something like an incubator for memecoins? In order to thereby attract meme enthusiasts and wider attention to the Venom blockchain.

It is necessary that the process of creating such memecoins on the blockchain be extremely simple for any user. Literally in a few clicks. Venom himself can even invest in memecoins he likes and bring them to a wider public. Yes… there will be a lot of garbage… but among this garbage there may also be new meme-gems in the crypto universe.

This is an important and interesting topic. It would be super useful for the Venom blockchain. We all see how popular such meme projects are today. And they will be even more popular in the future. If there are such plans, I would like to see a step-by-step guide to creating memecoins on the Venom blockchain and possible options for promoting them with the participation of Venom.

Today, such an incubator of memecoins is Uniswap… but it can be done easier and better on the Venom blockchain.