Memecoin VenoMoon (VNM) on the Venom blockchain

What if you don’t know yet…
On March 25, 2024, the memecoin $VNM (VenoMoon) was launched on the Venom blockchain - this is the first memecoin that immediately entered the Venom wallet and is displayed in it.

VenoMoon is also present on Web3World - it can be bought and sold in Swap:

VenoMoon in Venom Blockchain Explorer: venomscan

Dexscreener: venomoon
Website: venomoon
Telegram: venomoooon
Twitter: venomooon

Already familiar with the VenoMoon memecoin? And how do you like it? What are your thoughts and plans for him? Looking forward to VenoMoon in 2025 for $1?