Let's talk about the future of Venom

Let’s talk about the future of Venom. After all, a lot has changed since November 2023. You can already forget about projects with Africa and attracting 1 billion users. It was good marketing - but it passed. And today no one in the crypto universe can be surprised by cheap transactions. What problems does Venom have and what awaits Venom in the near future? This is my personal opinion and does not claim to be true. But it’s better to be realistic - to see mistakes and correct them.

1. Venom Blockchain needs to get its social media in order

a) It is necessary that verification of accounts for Christopher Louis Tsu, Peter Knez, Venom Network return to Twitter - otherwise it does not look solid and plunges many into misunderstanding and anxiety

b) Telegram channel Venom - if it doesn’t work, is it better to delete it? Why create social networks that don’t work? This is also alarming.

c) The work of the forum - representatives of the projects who used to at least somehow answer the questions of the forum participants have completely disappeared. This needs to be fixed urgently. Otherwise the forum will die.

2. Peter Knez

I understand that the mention of a former job at BlackRock and a photo with the former Prime Minister of Great Britain at the table… is cool. But this marketing no longer works. The project manager needs to radically change his approach to working with the Venom community. Write and talk about current blockchain affairs - openly, truthfully and more often. Otherwise, it will be impossible to create any Venom community. You need to learn from the leaders of powerful blockchain projects - they are all in plain sight. Now the Venom project is still somehow being pulled together by Christopher Louis Tsu… but he alone can’t do much.

3. Christopher Louis Tsu

In my opinion, today this is the only representative of the Venom blockchain who is at least somehow trying to communicate with the community. He’s doing pretty well. But this is not enough. It is worth adopting - openness and more truth. There is no need to disguise the situation with some videos on Discord. You need to be brave and clearly sort out the whole situation with the blockchain. The community will understand. But all this mystery and uncertainty… they will not allow us to build any community, and without a community, the blockchain has no future.

4. Venom Foundation and Testnet website

On both sites, information is updated with delays or not updated at all. There is still information about ADGM on the Venom Foundation website. The Venom blockchain doesn’t have the money to hire employees who will monitor website updates and manage social networks? It’s hard to believe. But all these shortcomings indicate problems to many. The devil is in the details.

In conclusion, I would like to say and wish the management of Venom to bring order to the work of websites and social networks. I would like to wish the project leaders to communicate with the community more often - to write and tell the truth, even if it is bitter. Indicate real dates and development path. This way the community will have more trust in the blockchain. And those same adversities will only strengthen the community.


Venom will mainnet soon


good Venom project, everything are going well

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