Ledger integration issue

Hi there , sorry to disturb you in such huge day . Here’s my problem : I’ve done every tasks on your testnet , collected every NFT except that I had to use 2 different venom accounts . One secured by my ledger key account number : 0:b5c31ef7df3045fcad270bc88b5c841f695da56d2a251c08bcc5794989635813
but some activities could’nt be achieved with ledger , so I did these activities with a secondary account number : 0:31429c83452b85faff646f004bc9d1e4db0c75da4e3b66133c1da3134e2ccb40
thinking I could afterwards regroup all my NFTs in one single account . I tried several times but didn’t manage to do that .
Now that it is airdrop time , I’m afraid I won’t get anything because my NFTs are on 2 separate accounts . Is there something you could do ?
Please excuse my english , I’m french .
Have a nice day

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New activities are not considered. Wallet information was registered a few days ago