I suddenly can't access Venom's Discord 😔

Hello, I’ve been active on Venom’s Discord server for a while now. I can guarantee that I’ve never spammed. I joined the server in March/April 2023, as far as I remember. I’ve collected all the NFTs and supported Venom on Twitter as well. I’ve been spreading news about Venom to my friends, sharing only positive updates. I’m unsure whether I’ve been kicked out of the server or blocked. Suddenly, I can’t access or see any of Venom’s channels. I’ve never engaged in spamming or any negative activities. I was looking forward to the main network launch and have been there to check messages and answer questions whenever possible. Could you please check what the issue might be? Thank you very much!

Here is proof of my NFTs:

Hope you will help me. :pensive::pray:

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My Discord:

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Still no update. Any update please?