I got kicked from the discord server

Today i got kicked from the main Venom discord server. I do not wrote anyhing wrong or bad. Can someone check what happend and bring me back? Where i can contact with the support? My discord name: ewenement5gfm

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me too man! what should we do now?

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I do not know. THere is no offcial support, any email where we can conntact. Admins do not answer on priv. That is a joke ;/

same here i got kick for no reason… idk how to get back

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Why are there administrators in this project if none of them answer on messages…

can you share the id i wanna dm also the mods

glocity. and vivladiv

I was able to message only to them. But they do not answer anyway…

thanks im going to try to dm them

Write here if you solve the problem for yourself

yes same write here if they answer you . i just dm both still no

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What is the point of this forum if no admin visits or responds here?