I can't get accepted on discord

I can’t get accepted on discord.

Member: _diegosampaio [1088776157165539329]

I request inclusion, please.


same with me. you’ve been banned from their discord server. i’m not sure where to post an unban request.

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I also don’t know where to clarify. I’ve tried several times

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Can you please share us with your Discord ID to check?


Please be sure to fulfill all conditions. You might engage in chat activity, so be careful to abide by the guidelines as well.

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my id discord 1109002613875298345
Please see how many requests I have created and still have not received system support. Here is the ID, please support warmly":

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Hello good day , maybe you could help me to get back to discord? I have hard times to connect on it…
Please assist me this it my user name khaile123

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Yes, I have complied with and met all the requirements as I have created, you can see my request history

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Hello good day Please help me to reconnect on discord I created so many request but its refljected
Here’s my dicord id 997413440559783947

Thank you…

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My discord username is: ad_crypto

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1121073314736128073 that is my discord user ID. can not join Venom foundation discord.

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1121073314736128073 that is my user ID.

rajsinghhhh [1127603906814423213] my id add me on venom foundation

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Dear Venom Support

I am also constantly trying to join Venom Foundation Discord server, but it doesn’t accept me, please help me, I don’t understand what the problem is.

My discord id: siiariia

Thank you!


Dear venom support

I am trying to join venom foundation discord server but it doesn’t accepting me please accept me will be greatful to join venom foundation

Venom id : Member: rajsinghhhh [1127603906814423213]

Hello Venom support
I continously trying to join venom discord server but bot is always kicking me without doing any verification.
My discord Id: @tanianil)
My twitter Id: @TaniaNilAkash
My email address: [email protected]

I have an avatar on my discord
And my account is older
And I am not using any vpn
And I am using sim data for internet, no other device is connected with it.
I have 2FA enabled on discord.

Please I can’t join venom foundation discord
I haven’t violated any rules
Why is it like this
Please solve my problems

I want to join the discord channel but the is not valid

Hello, Venom Foundation! I am trying to join venom foundation discord server but it doesn’t accepting me,
dear sir after hard working I’m completely all task but this issue :pensive:.
My discord id name is (ayaz3990)

my id : 974942122262270053