How can I change my twitter account from the account I'm doing in Venom testnet?

My twitter account was suspended and I want to change it, how can I do it?


Have you tried to appeal on Twitter?

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if I’m doing it because it has affected me too much, I don’t even know the reason for the suspension; but I have sent many appeals and still nothing.

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If that’s the case, you can create a new wallet for the new twitter account.

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that sad!!!

I also have another problem in the discord for more than 2 months, banned from it and they have already answered me here in the forum that I am not, but nevertheless I still cannot enter the Venom foundation server, it must be a bot that does not let me enter the server

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May I know your discord ID?


I have a similar problem - I completed all the poison tasks, but I can’t complete the first one - follow the Venom Foundation discord - my discord account is not working (((

my discord login is _grishan

what am I doing wrong?

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I have the same X account suspension issue…so the question is would I lose my previously completed tasks or I can link the new account with it?

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wow, so i also got suspended on twitter too. is there any solution now

Me also face the same probelm. Twitter X bot is out to suspend alot of twitter account. Try to appeal, but to no avail. So now the last task on the venom network, i cant do. How Venom will change the policy, as we are blindly suspended by Twitter X, without knowing our fault.

My X account was also suspended but my Discord is still active. The challenge is that I cannot complete the last task.

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I also encountered the same problem. Please help, so much effort in vain.

The Twitter X bot has blocked many accounts on Twitter. We tried to appeal, but without success. So, now the last task on the Venom network that I can’t complete.

How will Venom change its policy, as Twitter X blindly blocks us without knowing our guilt.

Here’s my wallet: 0:8cbe60fb6584612dcb696df34dae38d5fff556013a3648b81030036d14241b7b. Guys, please advise on what to do. I’m very interested in your ecosystem; it has a future. It’s convenient, simple, understandable, multifunctional, and at the very end, Twitter spoiled everything. I won’t survive this.

My twitter account has been suspended also, I’ve sent many appeal but nothing. Please can you find a way to be able to update another twitter account on venom app. I can’t do the remaining tasks. My wallet address is 0:1f6c83dcd5834daca95e82d831f2c36cbc87d655df4c408e691fd8c5ae6d8078

Thank you.