Hackathon Winners

I understand correctly that hackathon winners become the creators of new dapps and their applications enter the ecosystem, become one of the validators or simply compete for the prize pool. Modery and experts, you can clarify this issue.


Quote from CTO Venom Foundation Christopher Louis Tsu (12.06)

Incredible talent at the Venom Hackathon! Amazed by the innovative solutions and how these brilliant minds are using technology to shape Venom’s future. Looking forward to the closing ceremony.

Quote from Venom Developers (12.06)

Once again a huge thank you to all the amazing participants of the Hackathon! Together we’ve managed to hit some big milestones in terms of Submissions and Participating hackers. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the closing ceremony on Saturday June 17th, 3pm UTC. Join us as we announce the winners and celebrate the achievements of the first Venom hackathon!

… yes - according to the results of the hackathon, interesting projects (dapps) for the Venom blockchain will be selected