Fiat gateways on the Venom blockchain

Today, all projects on the Venom blockchain are great. And there will be dozens and hundreds of new blockchain projects, which is great. But… there is one important point about which I did not find anything in the whitepaper. And I’m wondering - are blockchain and developers working in this direction?

Fiat gateways

Blockchain projects are good. But in order for the ecosystem to become completely independent and 100% functional and attractive to most users, fiat gateways on the blockchain are needed - input and output of fiat money. Perhaps, bridges and third-party applications like MetaMask, etc. are a half-way solution to this issue.

The CEX and DEX practice input and output by bank cards and the P2P format - and this is convenient. This is like an option for the Venom blockchain. The experience of Ton and Telegram is also very interesting - in my opinion, this is the best solution for today - when you can freely deposit and withdraw fiat.

Ideally, on the Venom blockchain, I would like to see several options for fiat gateways:

  1. Deposit and withdrawal (as well as the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency) with the participation of bank cards. But… there are certain problems here - such as sanctions and so on. This will not work for all countries.

  2. P2P service is a more universal option when sanctions and other nonsense do nothing to interfere with free trade on the Venom blockchain

  3. It is not yet ready to technically substantiate the concept of fiat gateways by analogy with Telegram for the Venom blockchain… but today it is also a very convenient option for depositing and withdrawing fiat money and exchanging with cryptocurrencies.

This is a very important moment for the blockchain, just like burning tokens (deflationary VENOM). Fiat gateways, if they work the same for everyone (not only in dollars, but also in euros, and yuan, and rubles, etc.), can bring millions and billions of users to the blockchain.

Actually, my question is this: Does the blockchain have or is Venom developing some kind of its own solution for fiat gateways so as not to depend on various intermediaries? And if there is such a solution for fiat gateways or is being developed, then I would like to know more about it.


Good question, but I’m afraid we can’t disclose any info as of now, but we’ll make sure to keep you updated once we can.


Ideally, the issue with fiat gateways should be resolved before the blockchain moves from the test network to the mainnet, so that people are immediately interested in it … then it will be too late and inconvenient to catch up. Fiat connections directly to the blockchain is cool, only a few blockchains have it and it is very attractive. We are waiting for news. Venom can pull it off… I hope!


Apparently - nothing is known about fiat gateways in Venom (apparently they are not planned) or no one knows anything about them - without their own fiat gateways - the blockchain today is not a full-fledged autonomous system, but only one of many.

Does the Venom blockchain have any plans - to open a bridge with the TON Open Network… Tonkeeper, for example, or in general with the Wallet bot in Telegram? Because today Telegram has implemented an ideal system for depositing and withdrawing fiat to the blockchain, and in many ways (in terms of fiat) TON Open Network is superior to the same MetaMask.

Ideally, in general… inject TON into the Venom Wallet and maybe even make pools of liquidity and farming in Web3World with TON.

All this would attract the attention of a large number of users. Trouble-free deposit and withdrawal of fiat to the blockchain - without problems and quickly - is an important task today, if not the main one. Any solution in conjunction with the TON Open Network would greatly simplify the solution.

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