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Once again, hello everyone. Since I’m not a bot and I want to get my only account to the final, I want to know what I need to do to get into the discord? please answer . Be active on the forum?Thanks😍


Please ensure to meet all the conditions here below

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• Discord profile should have an avatar set up.
• To complete the verification process and interact in certain channels, a discord account must have been active for at least 14 days.
• Verify that two-factor authentication is activated


All conditions are met. Add me please. I’m not a bot, I don’t do anything forbidden

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All conditions met.What to do next ?

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I have same problem, pleas add me to discord venom foundation.
My wallet adress: 0:bbe70b878fb137c50b59c1b81072aba5ffcb28910a1b161c39d1d5adb6b1cc60
Discord username: kulikanton
Old name: Kulikanton#3736

Did you manage to add to the Discord-channel?

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Hi team
What is going on with this system? What did I do wrong that no one is helping me?"
my Id discord:jamesk6046

What is your discord ID?

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my user name discord is


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Discord ID is composed of number and no letters.

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please help check it

Please try this link Venom Foundation

please see att pic

The reasons for that could be:

Sharing same IP with you
Account age is less than 14 days
Account doesn’t have an avatar
2 FA verification also needed

"I only have one account and I have already made the request on all of them. Could you please check again

I’m calling to follow up on the ticket I created about the website crashing

Please any one help me. I click hackton role of venom discord chsnnel then venom disappeared from my discord channel and i can’t access venom discord channel. What i do to back this? My discord name @mesfina_Suiswap#8676
My discord id :1022566845779292180

Please help me to check my account on discord here’s my id 997413440559783947

Member: RomanKekliak#7121 [1133836356322336808]
:rightSort: Reason: Account Suspicious.

Hello, for some reason I was blocked.
I can’t connect to the discord for 2 weeks in four groups, namely:

Join Venom Foundation

Join VenomPad

Join VenomBridge

Join Oasis.Gallery

Please give an answer, Regards Roman.
[email protected]