Convenience of Snipa Finance

Snipa Finance is an excellent service and visually very user-friendly. Good job. If only all this information was displayed in the Venom wallet … well, or at least there was a Snipa tab with the total amount, so that in the mobile version it would be convenient to view information or go to the tab on Snipa.


Hello, we sincerely value your thoughts. The team may consider your suggestions if you send this via our Discord channel. Venom Foundation


Thank you. But unfortunately I rarely appear on Discord - I don’t like this site - both in terms of information content and communication. There is little that can be learned from the flow of spam. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. This forum is by far the best place for communication that Venom has.

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I agree that Snipa helps a lot and simplifies networking, but I don’t understand since he shows assets, why he doesn’t show NFT with their price on the marketplace (in the future) and other things (example: crowdfunding in NUMI or how many coins sent for burning)
I would also add a tab with history charts in the wallet and applications

Is there someone from Snipa Finance team on the forum? If the forum is read by Snipa team, then please do so … so that you have pools from displayed in your Portfolio that are in the filter by default. For example, the WVENOM/LIQ pool is not displayed on Snipa. If someone sees or hears Snipa team, please convey this request to them.

Early on, I praised Snipa functionality. It’s been working horribly for a week now. Something does not display from the assets. Constantly displays different numbers and amounts. With such a product, not only in the mainnet … in the test network it is very inconvenient. The Snipa team does not read the forum, so it is unlikely that anything will change for the better. It’s a pity, initially the project was interesting and useful. I hope that everything will be fixed, but so far there is no desire to use Snipa.