Claim reward issue

I am trying to click on reward button. It redirected to other site and ask for username and password, I did’t know how to find that information.
Kindly reply asap
Thanlk you


Hi guys, I’m so sad. No one here cares about the community and early adopters. The project chose to sell a large amount of $Venom first as project funds, but the early users had nothing and became cheap labor!

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I made a mistake and wrote my venom wallet address instead of my okx venom address. okx uıd
okx venom adres
please change and give me airdrop ı dont no how ı fixed

Тихо профессиональные евреи, аферисты платформы!, разработчики, УКРАЛИ 48 токенов!
Вы аферисты, или прикрываетесь перспективой развития!?