Changes to 5 VENOM rewards for daily tasks


Acquire VENOM test tokens by accomplishing tasks, and utilize them to explore innovative projects built on the Venom platform

… let’s be honest - getting test tokens (5 VENOM) happens regardless of whether the answer is right or wrong. Why did they do that? It’s not serious.

It’s better to do this:

1. If an incorrect answer is given - no 5 VENOM tokens are credited - the task is considered failed - wait for the next task. This will force users to actually search for information and study blockchain documentation.

2. All those tokens that are not credited due to incorrect answers are returned to the budget and the cost of correct answers increases with the following tasks: 5 VENOM… 6 VENOM… 7 VENOM… etc…

That will be fair. In the meantime, this distribution of test tokens for tasks … looks childish and does not encourage users to actually explore the Venom blockchain.


It’s actually not visible right now, the dev team might doing an updates on the faucet daily tasks feature. However, we also value your points of view. Will ensure that there are other improvements.


şimdi neler olacaığını dört gözle bekliyorum.

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