Can't join Venom Foundation discord

Please check my account, I can’t join the Venom Foundation discord.
My wallet: 0:800b4a6ef0721533de43afd2c1380a5a307fff3b95d84c8c02c5c92c81e675d3
My nickname: nikita0588
My ID: 1136299292768878664
I will be very grateful to you.

Hello Venom support
I don’t really know why i was kicked out of the discord channel, just came to check the channel today and found out it wasnt there, i’ve been trying to join ever since all to no avail please look into the matter.
My discord Id: @kaycee98p
My twitter Id: @Kaycee4070
My email address: [[email protected]]

I have an avatar on my discord
And my account is older than 14 days
And I am not using any vpn
And I am using sim data for internet, no other device is connected with it.
I have 2FA enabled on discord.

When I am fulfilling your all conditions then why I can’t access your discord server.

Refresh your internet connection than clear data of discord app than login and try again