Can i please join your discords?

Hello, i have a problem to join your discords…
Here is my Discord account : RyCrypNo#4638
Seem like i get banned and i dont know why. Can you help me please?
What can i do?

Best regards,


Please ensure that we fulfill all necessary conditions.

• You ought to have an avatar set up for your Discord profile.
• A discord account needs to be active for at least 14 days in order to be verified and communicate in some channels.
• Make sure two-factor authentication is turned on.


I think i complete all conditions no? Con you confirm it with my discord name?

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I still not join the channels :confused:

I have the same problem. Cannot join VenomFoundation discord server.
Can you help, please?

My username is Sergiy#7004.
My account was created in 2020, I have an avatar and 2FA enabled.


Keep in mind that VPNs are not allowed as well

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I did not use VPN. And don’t use it now.

Hello, i don’t use VPN and think meet all requierment but still can’t join Discord :confused:

Can you help me please RyCrypNo#4638

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Hello. Thank you for sending your details. We will look into this and give you an update.


Hello. Could you please try again?

I did, but still not work :confused: A don’t understand, i have any problem to join others discords…

What error are you getting?

In my case,there is no error.First after trying to join, wrote “oops, something went wrong”. Now it just throws on the page to add friends in the discord without joining you.

Please consider the following

  1. Ensure that each account is associated with a unique IP address to avoid conflicts.
  2. Make sure you are not utilizing a VPN, as it may interfere with the joining process.
  3. Avoid attempting to join the server with multiple accounts simultaneously, only 1 account per IP address is allowed.
  4. Accounts must have a minimum age of 14 days in order to gain access to the server.
  5. It is necessary for the Discord account to have a PFP for identification purposes.

I also can’t able to join venom foundation official discord group . Please send me invitation in discord to your group.

Sir verify isn’t working

Hi, I’m still unable to join, even though I wrote many times… PLEASE can you add me to discord?

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Can you please check for me
id: real_kira.

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