About the Discord Issues category

The Venom Foundation team have implemented an improved security system and moderation procedures in the discord server. For everyone encountering issues joining discord, you might consider implementing the following measures:

• Your Discord profile should have an avatar set up.
• To complete the verification process and interact in certain channels, a discord account must have been active for at least 14 days.
• Verify that two-factor authentication is activated.

Additionally, all questions regarding this topic should be posted under this topic. Posts regarding joining issues under different topics will be deleted.


Please help me join .
My discord id: 1110733879351984169
My discord name: mrquangnghia#1274

je n’ arrive pas a valider les discord circle dao ,qamon et burn alors que j y suis verifie.
J ai discord depuis plus de 14 jours, un avatar ,authentification a deux facteurs.
compte discord jphilippe0057
PF venom 0:9693e76649272da092600b5b30e6b2bcc76cde79b3240b4057219a2d4ce73bab
Merci pour votre aide

My discord user name is Frabby151
ID Frabby151#3731


I am trying to accept the invitation from venom via discord but nothing happened. I made all 22 tasks.

Please help

andrii_ukr_ - name on discord.