5 Venom need pay to along with transaction

Transactions are smooth, fast, reliable. But why does 5 Venom need to pay first, then it gets refunded to the wallet. I didn’t understood this thing. Why do we need to do something extra. If if gets refunded to the owner of the wallet, what’s the reason to pay it initially. This is time consuming.

My Venom Address - 0:b2597d7add6f75743be046fdb04cdc86a7e547acd26ec1afb23af44d1f9dceb5


probably so you don’t run out of gas while performing your transaction

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I think this is due to the fact that the blockchain is not on EVM, but on TVM, or because of sharding work. Go Sharding work in Venom Blockchain

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Wow sir very nice
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