Would be possible to have a chance to have airdrop without join into the Venom Foundation Discord?

Good morning, i have been doing the task in the testnet and keep participating in all the activities related to Venom project for months, i think it is a great project, but it is regerted that my discord was kick off by the robot and the reason is “account suspicious”, i don’t know how to deal with this situation, Would be possibly to have a chance to have airdrop without join into the Venom foundation? Hopefully someone can give me advise, much appreciated.

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Who told you that Venom will have an airdrop? Where is it written in the official docs? Read carefully: https://venom.foundation/Venom_Whitepaper.pdf

i am not sure,but are you sure there is no airdrop?

Did you find any mention of an airdrop in the Venom blockchain whitepaper? He’s not there. NOBODY of the Venom blockchain has EVER talked about an airdrop. Everything else is fantasy and wishful thinking. Do you think that users who have been testing the blockchain with test tokens since the end of April, on Gravix and W3W and on other projects, have already increased the percentage of their test tokens and will continue to increase it … in the end this will be a kind of “airdrop” for them? Maybe it’s worth working in this direction, and not waiting for something to fall from the sky?

The moderator wrote that he could not refute or consider the information about the airdrop valid. Unfortunately, the link to the post has been lost, sorry)

understood, thank you,It means deposit your LP in the pool and reward W3W token is something like a kind of “airdrop”. right?

If you look at tokenomics, there is a % for the community, there is also a token. This is just my guess, but I think 80% that there will be a reward or the team does not take into account the community, and discord is one of the activities. But it’s all guesswork