VenomStake - functionality

VenomStake :fire:
Very handy functionality. But, it would be nice to add a REWARDS tab so that it is displayed next to the YOUR STAKE tab (screenshot) … or somewhere nearby so that the rewards are shown.

It is very convenient that you can withdraw rewards at any time. Good job.

I understand that staking will be centralized and without the choice of a validator (judging by the description)? Perhaps… it’s even for the best.

The annual percentage (37%) is good. If you leave this percentage… the majority after the listing and the established price on the spot - it will go into staking and there will be few tokens on the spot = the price of the token will grow well.

But, a window with REWARDS would not hurt - it would be visually convenient.


It would be nice if it were possible to block tokens (choice of quantity), let’s say for a week, a month, and so on. Choice of reinvestment rewards(auto-restake) and staking calculator


I am still waiting for recovery venompool error…

please change your policy with withdrawal of funds in 30 days. It is too long.