Venom token price prediction

How much do you predict the Venom token will cost?


Perhaps… the original goal was $2.27 for 1 VENOM, judging by the screenshot of the W3W preview, which could have unknowingly displayed this goal during the site layout. There is no point in guessing now.

The team says… that VENOM tokens in the amount indicated in the whitepaper… this is not necessarily the final amount - may mint more tokens depending on the situation. If it had been clearly stated that VENOM tokens would not be minted in excess of the specified amount, if everything had been clearly stated regarding the remuneration for participants, if there had been clear dates for the launch of the mainnet and in general an understanding of whether there would be a listing on CEX exchanges (according to the white paper, there is an opinion that this there will be no listing at all). There are many nuances that make it impossible to predict anything regarding the VENOM token for today.

The price of $2.27 for 1 VENOM seems reasonable… but with 7 billion tokens - that’s almost $16 billion in capitalization - it’s hard to imagine against the backdrop of the TOP 10 cryptocurrencies today. This is at the SOL level, which is unlikely in the near term. Therefore, I personally focus on $1 for 1 VENOM, at best… and then time will tell.

price venom

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Reached 1$, good price

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