VENOM Telegram Russia

The channel and chat in Telegram in Russian for Russian-speaking users is great. Everything just starts with VENOM.

Сhannel: Telegram: Contact @venom_ru
Chat: Telegram: Contact @venom_ruchat

In Russia, Venom will definitely become popular over time :rocket:


Are these channels verified ? How can we find out that it has been approved? @Samurai_VENOM @cryptofreak_Venom thanks for your reply


I will answer for them

This is an unofficial chat and Telegram channel from the Venom Foundation. Without any pretensions to officiality - exclusively for the Russian-speaking community.

This is a channel where news from the official Venom Foundation channel is duplicated only in Russian. Sometimes interesting publications about VENOM and Venom Foundation. And a chat in Russian tied to the channel - solely for the convenience of communication of the Russian-speaking community. A common practice in Telegram, which is always to the benefit of the project.


Thank you for the information… good luck bro


Thanks for the wishes bro

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