Venom mainet price

mainet venom will be launched on march 18 this year. Venom testnet is fairly fast with smooth and stable projects. Many users want this launch, because Venom is one of the big projects that is well-known among the crypto industry. what price can be achieved for 1 venom in 3 months after launch…?

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Let’s be realistic. The Venom blockchain, or more precisely its test network, is known to few people in the crypto industry. There aren’t even any articles in the specialized press. In fact, only those who are currently on the test network know about the blockchain. Therefore… it is generally impossible to predict any prices. It all depends on how many tokens will be released to the public, how many tokens will be distributed, on which exchanges the token will be listed… and all this is still unknown. We’ll watch. My personal opinion… $1.50 by the fall of 2024 will already be a success.