Venom Foundation - who is behind everything?

We know, on the example of other ecosystems (especially recently), that sometimes, investors and their finances invested in the ecosystem initially … have the ability, in certain situations, to influence any decisions of the ecosystem or community. I would like to know in more detail - which organizations or private investors initially invested their money in the fund and to what extent their right to vote is decisive?

Venom Ventures Fund (VVF) announced $1 billion in grants. This is a lot of money to start a project. Whose money is behind the fund? Is Iceberg Capital the sole beneficiary of the fund? And does this mean that the development of the Venom ecosystem will be a highly regulated (centralized) main beneficiary? There is nothing wrong with that, on the contrary… but I would like to understand.

In many ways - the answers to these questions - provide an understanding of how money and the interests of investors will potentially help the development of the Venom blockchain, or vice versa, can subsequently bring problems and how they will be combined with the interests of the community-driven blockchain (according to the whitepaper).


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