Unable to join the venom discord

Hey there.

Discord account - mubee#1699

  • My account was created more 1 month ago - May 18, 2023.
  • I have an avatar
  • I don’t use vnp or another illegal soft.
    *2fa is enabled

But still I can’t get to the discount, please check.
Thanks a lot.


Me too, I also cannot Join VenomPad


Hi Mubee, make sure you don’t use the same IP address with friends/relatives or have a duplicate account already joined in the server.


What happend? with 01 ID address, have many users. we often use the same internet address


Hi, It’s been a week, first I was unable to join multiple discord servers and then I was kicked out of the Venom Foundation. User Reported “Suspicious”. Can you please explain the criteria for SUSPICIOUS activity?
I’ve been a member of Venom and several other servers and this is the first time I was categorised as such.
Please let me know how we can resolve this.

Thank you.


Hello. I can’t get to the Venom Foundation. I tried both through the app and through the web. Please check

Hello! I did additional quests on social networks to earn more poison, but when I connected the discord to the following servers (Join Venom Foundation, Join VenomPad, Join VenomBridge, Join Web3.World, Join Oasis.Gallery, Join Segmint) I can’t connect to them. The reason is not clear to me. my name of the user in the discord : maksim_82247, the avatar is, the account is not new, has been used for a long time. Please help me solve this problem, since these servers in the discord are essentially the main ones where you can get information about the project. Thanks for understanding.