Unable to accept invite - discord

Hello, I’ve been recently kicked out of Venom discord and I’ve found out in this forum, that my account has to meet a few requirements such as avatar picture, 2 factor authentication, and be of certain age. I’ve edited my account to meet this requirements (see attached screenshot)
However when I try to join via a invitation link, I get “Unable to accept invite” error.
Is there anything else I need to do in order to rejoin?

My discord username: Jarda#3699
You can also check my Venom address that I’ve been active in completing tasks on Venom blockchain: 0:a528f907b972c064c3d339d402d54f26689b4759d22a97453d11c5f77da4fcdc

Thank you for answer.


I appreciate you asking for it. Discord won’t authenticate the account because it’s probable that it’s been active on the server for less than 14 days.


Thank you for a swift response. In order to clarify my Discord account is almost 3 months old, therefore do I correctly assume that the problem is that I haven’t been active on Venom discord server specifically?
If so, is it possible to rejoin and make sure I will be active?


Unfortunate policy of VenomFoundation (

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That is more like unnecessarily elaborate way of saying: Go fuck yourself, to their customers.