Twitter is not connecting!

Please tell me why my twitter stopped connecting???
I only have one twitter and have completed all the previous tasks and got nft.
Venom Burn and OneArt don’t connect vith twitter!!!
Why can’t I get nft because of this error???

Help finally solve the problem!!!
My Twitter: @andrey777zp => 1653787900545253377


Same stuff. I cant do new tasks with my twitter account.
I have only one twitter and I read this profiles GRAVIX QAMON VENOMBURN but I Venom cant check my subscription on them.
This wallet address is linked to another twitter uid

But this is impossible!
My twitter
Wallet 0:8fbfce2fe24c57201c2cc137f618eb6602fcf4554a86f40a42589317df601f0c

Please help!