Taks No. 3 Venom Bridge

Dear Venom Team

I have a problem when i doing my task, my task is transfer any tokens from EVM chains to Venom testnetchain. I have tried to transfer some tokens to EVM chains to complete my task but always fails, i tried with many wallets (binance, bitkeep, metamask) and always fails. And my problem i have no token to transfer again. I havent dared use my real asset to finish my task because i mind it very risk.

Please help me what must i do for this case?


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To begin with, from the EVM it is from the metamask, from the TVM - from the venom. You can use test ones from TVM and real ones from EVM. And test ones can be taken from the tap on the site
Related Topic One of the Venom Bridge quests says: Transfer tokens from EVM chains to Venom Send any available tokens from Ethereum, BSC, or Fantom to the Venom testnet chain Seriously? Do you think this is normal - when people should send their real assets from thei