Still my Discord id from your ban list

My account was created more 1 mounth ago. ashzumena#3081
my ID:1105939818141200444
I have an avatar.
I don’t use vpn or another illegal soft.
Please strike my Discord id from your ban list.
Thank you.

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Hi this is raj actually i got ban from venom foundation discord server can you please erase or uplift my ban as im trying multiple times like i comment on so many places to uplift the ban but no one is helping please uplift my ban i apologise for my mistake

Discord id ; .rajsingh

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A community driven project needs a moderators in different area in their social media platform to listen to the challenges the community are going through. It will be cool having a moderator here to bring the community difficulty to the dev for better experience, just a gentle request thanks

Здравствуйте мой дискорд наверное заблокировали. Я соблюдаю все правила. Проверьте пожалуйста мой аккаунт. Я очень жду вашего ответа.