Social Engineering Venom

This is my personal opinion and does not claim to be true. But…

In order for Venom not to turn into a kind of corporate blockchain in social networks and in the press, and just for the entire community, bright leaders are needed. They need to be seen in public all the time. So far, we see a rare distribution of releases in the specialized press and many accounts on the same Twitter that repost the same thing from each other. Not enough charisma!

After all, there are super charismatic Peter Knez and Christopher Louis Tsu … I understand, maybe they have no time to do this. But, the community urgently needs leaders now - their interviews in the specialized press, their tweets and etc. Be closer to people. No need to copy CZ or Elon Musk - but something like this is necessary if there is a goal - to attract more participants and form a community.

The main thing is that the community does not turn into twitter-zombi, which we see on many accounts in blockchains… the VENOM to the Moon :rocket: and etc. Although there will be many :slightly_smiling_face:

Sometimes one or two Twitter accounts (live, radiating positivity and intrigue) of the leaders of the project + interesting interviews in the press … can work wonders and play a decisive role in building a community around the ecosystem. It is necessary to be bright in order to stand out against the backdrop of dozens of already popular ecosystems and their communities - this is worth doing now.


I think the venom team will think about it, but I agree

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They will definitely listen … or they themselves will come to such a decision, over time. The community needs individual leaders. Lively and interesting. Just a “corporate” blockchain - without leaders with constant interesting posts, interviews, etc. - will not be able to gather a good community in our time. Basically… Peter Knez and Christopher Louis Tsu are the best for this role. But, while they are invisible to the community.

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I really hope that Venom has carefully thought out and implements at a certain stage - screening out airdrop hunters who have created a lot of wallets for themselves and are sitting waiting for a miracle - performing test tasks from these wallets and then counting on more. Judging by the number of wallets, there are a lot of them already now. So that it does not work out like with ARB (for example). Otherwise, honest testnet participants with one wallet account… will not understand Venom and will turn their backs on the blockchain, and only airdrop hunters will win - from which there is no real benefit to the blockchain. This is an important point. The last six months have shown that more than one blockchain has gone through this - when they only care about the number of wallets in the marketing plan, and not real people. I believe that Venom will cope with this task perfectly and will not make a mistake.

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I think it is necessary during the test network, and especially before the mainnet, to do a revert (additional check) of users in order to minimize duplicates (drop hunters) and highlight an active and correct community

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