Recommendations for forum

Guys, please write your suggestions here to make the forum site more useful. I’m sure the moderators will take these suggestions into consideration. My first suggestion is;

  • Chat section should be added and its not be active 24/7.
    -It should be active at certain hours and the moderators should be there for Q&A.

I do not quite agree with the opinion of certain hours, for example, I live in Russia, and someone in Spain. And during the sleep hours of the forum, I can not write or he, for a quick solution to the problem.
And I agree with 2 opinions, I would also add a task on the site associated with the forum

Guys, the venom team cares about your opinion. Please let’s discuss about this here. Thanks.

I already asked on discord why they have language roles but no language channels, I mean Venom Foundation

Mate, The team is working on it ; (… but we may open it at later time)