Please help me solve the problem with Twitter, someone answer!

Venom technical support, please help me solve the problem!
I’ve been writing for two months now, but you don’t answer!
Since Venom Burn, I can’t complete missions because Twitter doesn’t connect.
Before that, everything was fine and I completed tasks on Twitter.
Now it gives a UID error.
I have one Twitter account.
I followed your recommendations to disable the Venom app in Twitter settings, but it didn’t help!
Clearly the problem is not Twitter.

I spent a lot of time on your project, which I really like, but it’s very disappointing to abandon it because of such a problem!
Please help me solve the problem so I can continue completing my assignments!

Thank you in advance!


There was may be problem from Twitter server please try again i wish ur problem solves soon :soon:

This problem obviously won’t solve itself. This should be done by Venom support. But they don’t really want to help((((

Feels so helpless
God will find way it will right for u or not