Mint and vérifie tx

I have a problem
I complete the tasks on the app but when I want to Mint the nft the mint never finishes.

Likewise, I performed a corner send and a swap which worked well but when I checked the task I was told that the task was not completed.

Did you have this problem ?

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How is it going? Is everything working now on your end.

Hey hodler this is raj im trying to contact you or your support team by creating mutliple forum would you please resolve my discord id like i got ban by venom foundation and now i want to uplift i hope you can do that but still no reply from your end and your team im really concerned about your support team work im trying to contact you since last 3 month and i had created multiple on uplift the ban from discord but not a single time you guys tried to contact and i can see there are multiple ppl not me its reallly concerning
still its a request resolve and solve

my discord id : .rajsingh

yes now im looking forward to contact senior aurthorties because are not paying attentoin on my inconvenice