Last 2 quests, can not pass marketplace part, and also can not mint last nft

hello, in the discord ticket they transfered me here, I hope you can help.
I can not pass marketplace part of the quest and also can not mint the LAAST NFT, I will show you…here is the error

I bought 2 nfts but same…maybe admin resets the quest for me and I will try again or something like that…(the venon network does not have problem, its only my)
0:1d9e49c7acf78b2115dbf4eb232bf416360749bd159a52a8b8cae40cc77834b1 (adress)

p.s also I know there is 8 nft but I had only 7 quests :slight_smile:


Please do the sugsatio. Regarding


what is sugsatio? I could not undestand


Hello. The website is experiencing high traffic, and the servers are operating at full capacity. It may take some time to reflect. The 8th task which is VenomPools is under maintenance at the moment. Please stay updated with our Discord server.

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not possible to join when you are banned everywhere…

Has your issue been solved?