Kicked from Venom Foundation My discord name @sreshan007#1224

Dear Venom Team,
My discord name is @sreshan007#1224
I am trying for 2-3 weeks to join the venom foundation discord channel But it shows the user is have been kicked! in Venom Foundation! But Why???

Member: sreshan007 [1124270322879840317]
Reason: Account Suspicious.

Do you act like a suspicious person? I am always trying to do new things regularly but why should I be called suspicious? If necessary, take my biodata

It’s really disappointing when you completed all tasks but are not able to be a part of the venom foundation family

Please resolve my problem.
I really want to be a part of these my discord username is @sreshan007 #1224


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I will check on this one with the team, please wait for us to get back to you.

All users are annoyed with you. Please solve. I am constantly harassed.


I have the same problem. Could you help me in this case?
venom problem

Thank you in advance

Dear Venom,
Is it solve My case???
Today I will try to Join discord but a New problem shows that “The server is currently full”
too much tried :sweat:
My discord name is @sreshan007#1224

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Don’t reply to me. what I do now???

Don’t reply to me. what do I do now???